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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lighter Kayaks

We have just finished building the first Solander in Carbon/Kevlar and it came out almost 2.5 pounds lighter than our normal Kevlar Solander.  The weight of the finished boat was 39.4 pounds.  For those requiring an even lighter boat there is the possibility of saving some more weight with a lighter seat, footrests and rudder without compromising boat strength.  The weights in our catalogue are now a little heavier than the actual boat weights.  Mostly we are 2-4 pounds lighter.  We have achieved this by carefully refining how we layup and assemble our kayaks. 

We also have built our second Illusion.  This one is a special order for a dealer who will be installing his own seat and footrests.  The weight on this one should end up under 38 pounds including the skeg and day hatch.  Getting rid of the day hatch would get you to around 35 pounds. 

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